"The Pool Genie" began back in January of 2000 by my husband Sean Giacone and myself, Hope Giacone. Sean had worked for a local Pool Company after graduating from High School in 1991. He spent 8 years learning 25 years of experience from his boss who was also the owner of the Company. Never really knowing where the experience would eventually take him, he got up every day and went to a job where he gave 120%. Not only did he learn how to clean a pool, but eventually began doing the "big stuff" such as acid washes, installing new heaters, repairing old heaters, pump and motor replacement, repairs of pumps and motors, skimmer replacements, re-plumbing, electrical and the list goes on and on. Some jobs that would require more than just one person, would be performed solely by Sean alone. As unfair as it may have seemed at the time, it was an invaluable lesson as he learned to completely rely on himself and found creative ways to do a one man show.

Sean and I had gone to the same High School, but were not in the same circle of friends. I had graduated a year after Sean in 1992. Somehow our paths magically crossed in October of 1994. We married in June of 1999 and by that following start of the new year in 2000, we took an even larger leap by starting our own business. I had always believed in Sean and his capabilities to fix anything that had to do with a swimming pool or spa. I had been encouraging him for years to start his own business, but like with all things, it was a matter of timing, and the time was finally right.

When we started the business, we had 8 pools that Sean had already been servicing for the past few years. At that time, we had seen an ad for a man that was selling 10 pools in our area. It was the perfect opportunity so we bought them and started out our business with 18 pools. As time went on, those customers referred us to their neighbors, family and friends. As we are into our 7th year, those 18 pools have turned into over 200 and growing! We cannot thank our loyal customers enough, as all of their referrals have helped our business grow to where it is today, and to where it is going.

As for me, while Sean is out doing what he does best, I am here at our home office doing what I do best. I handle all the bookkeeping, paperwork, phone calls and whatever unexpected issues come up. I also started a newsletter for our customers in order to keep them updated on any new products, pool issues, and whatever else I might find to be interesting that I want to pass along.

We are located in Valencia, California, and most of our business is located in Santa Clarita, Stevenson Ranch, Saugus, Canyon Country, Castaic, and Newhall.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our site and we hope you have a wonderful day!

All our best,

Sean & Hope

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